Piers Alexander

The Bitter Trade and Scatterwood now serialised on The Pigeonhole

Featuring 5D surround sound audiobook of The Bitter Trade

I’m delighted to announce that The Pigeonhole, a very cool new publishing house, are serialising both The Bitter Trade and Scatterwood. It’s a brilliant new way to share the experience week by week with friends and fellow readers around the world. If you have, then do please tell your friends about it. They have some really interesting original titles, as well as rereleases of classics like Wuthering Heights and The Portrait of Dorian Gray.


Why serialise?

Well, it worked for Dickens..! Seriously, I wrote The Bitter Trade with the idea that it would one day be a ten to twelve part TV series. I love the delayed gratification of having to wait a week for each new instalment of The Wire, or Girls, or pretty much anything by HBO; and also the pleasure of sharing that suspense with friends and family.

So when Anna Jean Hughes (founder of The Pigeonhole) said she wanted to acquire the rights, my agent Lucy and I jumped at the chance. I’m delighted that The Pigeonhole have decided to serialise Scatterwood too.


How does it work?

Once you sign up, The Pigeonhole sends you one Stave a week for ten weeks (“Stave” was the word Dickens used for the serialisation of A Christmas Carol. You can share your thoughts with other readers on the Board. [There are now no ebook versions available, so the suspense is guaranteed for new readers!]


What’s this about 5D Audio?

My friends at 5A Studios have developed an incredible technique for creating surround sound on any pair of headphones. Featuring the vocal talents of Roland Stone, the audiobook of The Bitter Trade is exclusively available for anyone subscribing to the serialisation.

Here’s a sample for you:


What if I’ve already read The Bitter Trade?

If you’re feeling nice, then do please go to the Share page. The Pigeonhole have made it really easy for you to spread the word with just two clicks of a button.

Thank you and happy cliffhanging!