Piers Alexander

Fast and entertaining – a real winner

A Book Geek

The Bitter Trade didn’t start off anything like I was expecting. There were so many family secrets that were hinted at and the obvious danger to Cal and his family was palpable – but why? It was very intriguing. I also loved the name Calumny Spinks – and how it plays into the family history. Actually, the family drama alone was enough to keep my interest – but then add in blackmail, political intrigue, rebellion, betrayal and a lots of really great characters and you have a real winner. The conflict leads Cal on a wild adventure and many opportunities to grow up and prove himself. Honestly, I hate to reveal any of the conflicts and plots that are in The Bitter Trade. I don’t want to ruin the fun for other readers. Suffice to say that London in 1688 is a dangerous and volatile place – especially if you come from Cal’s family line. This was a fast and entertaining book that I can happily recommend to anyone interested in history.