Piers Alexander

Wickedly sharp and biting prose

Flashlight Commentary

Few novels have impressed me as much as Alexander’s debut. Richly atmospheric, the narrative plunges readers into the cutthroat world of England’s capital, immersing them in a deliciously dark climate of suspicion and intrigue. Calumny Spinks, the unfortunately named son of an ill-favored union, proves a captivating and charismatic protagonist. Young though he is, the resourceful seventeen year old develops a bold, ambitious and passionate persona over the course of the narrative. A cheeky, foul-mouthed rogue with a propensity for trouble, the boy is memorable for all the right reasons and he isn’t the only one. Across the board, Alexander composes a host of engaging and thought-provoking characters, individuals who illustrate what it meant to be outsiders, subject to English law but beyond its protection. I liked his wickedly sharp and biting prose: fast-paced and quick-witted, one can’t help being swept into Cal’s world and the conspiratorial schemes of which he finds himself a part.